Which Hogwarts Class Would You Master Best?

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From Transfiguration to Flying Lessons, what would your best class be?

  1. How often do you study?

    • The stars are beautiful tonight.
    • I never study yo.
    • Whenever I feel like I need to.
    • I'd rather be in the garden.
    • 7 hours a week.
    • Like a day before the test.
    • 10 hours a week
    • 12 hours a week.
  2. Are you a hands on kind of person?

    • If it was gym class I would be all hands on.
    • I like to get all up in the business!!
    • Yea...if I can use my wand.
    • Only when everyone else is doing it.
    • Does that mean I can fight?
    • Can I touch the stars? Wait...sorry that was stupid.
    • I would rather just study about the subject.
    • Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I'm a rebel.
  3. What would you rather do?

    • Play with legos.
    • Plant flowers.
    • Re-create a story.
    • Read a book.
    • Learn karate.
    • Learn to fly a plane.
    • Go to a space museum.
    • Make an amazing dinner.
  4. Are you bored taking this yet?

    • ...I'm fine?
    • Yup.
    • No! keep going!
  5. How often do you procrastinate?

    • I wish I was an alien in space.
    • I like to pull pranks in class. Is that procrastinating?
    • I am focused on this quiz, just ask the next question.
    • Very rarely.
  6. Would you rather be in class or out at recess?

    • If gym is not a class I would have to say recess...
    • If we are learning about the outside I would stay outside. So recess.
    • Class.
  7. What is your favorite muggle subject?

    • English.
    • Botany.
    • Cooking.
    • History.
    • Math.
    • Science.
    • Space.
    • Gym.
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