League Scrub Or League God? Find Out In This Quiz!

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Do you play League of Legends? Think you're the best? Let's do a small quiz and find out if you're in over your head, or if you really are a League based god!

  1. Let's start off slow. When it comes to farming and harassing lane opponents, which is more important?

    • A happy medium. You balance out farm and harass fairly well.
    • Only focus on farm without worrying about the other side too much.
    • Psh I go jungle you scrub
    • Make the other lane opponent/s feel your wrath, let those minions kill each other instead. (Or get killed by tower or smited by your jungler.)
  2. What role/s do you do best in?

    • Support
    • Mid
    • ADC
    • Decent at most roles
    • Top
    • Jungle
  3. Pick your support:

    • Brand (Because you're a jerk)
    • Nami. (Dat bubble/ult combo doe)
    • Nautilus (CC MACHINE)
    • Blitzcrank (Swiggity swoogity I want that booty)
    • Soraka (Dem heals and silence)
  4. What do your rune pages look like?

    • Runes???
    • Solid mix between AD/AP armor and magic resist
    • Dedicated pages for the champs you play
  5. When warding what best describes you?

    • Buy vision wards when I have spare gold and trinket when it's available
    • I play Lee Sin and I can't see without a Sightstone.
    • Forget about warding trinkets all the time unless someone bugs me about it
    • Use my trinket when I can but let the support ward primarily
  6. The infamous debate of Baron or inhibitor after an ace.

    • Go Baron because that buff is pretty rad
    • Have your AD carry take inhibitor while the rest of you get baron
    • Baron and then Dragon if it's up
    • You split other lanes while your team argues
  7. Lastly, when it comes to jungling which is the most important

    • I am Spirit Guard Udyr, and I farm for twenty minutes and gank like a wrecking ball after that
    • Ward, farm,farm,farm, get objectives and gank with good oppurtunities
    • Try to gank at every single moment the enemy is pushed
    • Farm, farm, farm and gank when there are good opportunities
  8. BONUS! Did you enjoy this quiz?

    • Yes
    • Just..Stop. You suck so bad
    • Yes
    • HELL YES
    • Yes
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