Which Valentine's Movie Do You Belong In?

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Everyone fits in a romantic movie. No matter how odd or who you are. Take this quiz to see which Valentine's Day movie you belong in.

  1. Relationship Status?

    • friends with benefits
    • scarred and single
    • single and don't care
    • married
    • just searching for the meaning of love
    • in a relationship
  2. What do you look for the most in a partner?

    • Someone who works hard to get me
    • Someone confident in themselves
    • Great sex
    • Loyalty
    • Someone who i can trust completely
    • Someone who takes control
  3. Ideal first date?

    • At a park
    • Something super over the top
    • On a boat
    • A bar
    • Restaurant
    • Back at your house
  4. Most valuable way to communicate with a significant other?

    • through romantic compliments
    • have a heart to heart talk with them
    • physical touch
    • just always being available to them
    • texting them
    • over social media
  5. If you could have only one of these attributes in your boy/girlfriend, which would you choose?

    • would die for you
    • would be cool with you making mistakes because we all make them
    • only shows complete love for you. no need for jealousy.
    • would never leave you and always go after you
    • always compliments you and gives you things you need without asking
    • is rich
  6. If you could spend a day with one of these actors which would you pick?

    • Kiera Knightley
    • Leo Dicaprio
    • Will Smith
    • Jamie Dornan
    • Ashton Kutcher
    • Adam Sandler
  7. Favorite Pass time?

    • reading
    • Cruises
    • Working
    • sex
    • Chilling with friends
    • working to keep friendships alive
  8. What is your favorite type of romance movie?

    • Pornographic
    • Classic
    • Relatable Comedy
    • Classic Tragedy
    • Just like a normal one...
    • A How to
  9. Favorite Music Genre?

    • Metal
    • Sappy Slow
    • Rock
    • Pop
    • Jazz
    • Classical
  10. View of Valentines Day?

    • Teddy bears and chocolate and roses!!
    • Sex, Sex, more sex
    • pointless. im stuck at work anyway
    • cool excuse to have parties and food and talk to our crushes for the first time
    • super important that the whole day goes perfectly
    • Adorable time to spend quality time with friends and family
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