What Zoolander Character Are You?

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With the release of "Zoolander 2," many fans are remembering their favorite characters from the first and who they hope to see back in the sequel. But if you're a true fan, you love to identify with one of the characters, so find out if you are who you think you are.

  1. Do you like to strut down the catwalk, or observe on the sidelines?

    • Strut down the catwalk.
    • Point out the conspiracies in modeling.
    • Observe on the sidelines.
    • Play the music for the models.
  2. Are you more outgoing in your work, or modest?

    • My name is on everything. My face is in your latte.
    • I'm the best ever, does that answer your question?
    • *Silence*
    • I don't work anymore. There's too much corruption.
  3. What do you do on your free time?

    • Have a gasoline fight.
    • Write a blog on modeling assassins.
    • Run an agency through child labor.
    • Listen to "Relax" on repeat.
  4. What's your signature look?

    • Bath robe and a glass case on my hand.
    • Curly white hair and an evil smile.
    • Long dreads and a scar on my eye.
    • Blue Magnum.
  5. Who's your favorite musical artist?

    • Frankie Goes to Hollywood
    • Wham!
    • Mark Snow
    • Dub Pistols
  6. What's your favorite dance style?

    • Slow Waltz
    • Disco
    • Dance? Pfffft.
    • Breakdance
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