Which Channing Tatum Character Is Your Ideal Date?

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They are all gorgeous, but which Channing Tatum holds the key to your heart?

  1. What do you notice first in a guy?

    • His soulful eyes
    • His rippling abs (compulsory)
    • His swagger
    • His status within the group
  2. So, your date wants to take you to the movies, what's your ideal flick?

    • A comedy
    • An action movie
    • An epic, sobworthy romance
    • Something really sexy, I want to get down to kissing in the dark!
  3. Which one of the things below is a real deal breaker?

    • A dude bro type
    • No sense of humor
    • A nerdy kind of dude
    • Someone painfully shy
  4. Describe your dream vacation

    • Hitting a Brazilian carnival and getting your dance on
    • A bustling city break
    • An active beach holiday. Jet skis, scuba gear, the lot!
    • Somewhere stunning like Paris or Rome
  5. Your date wants to take you out to eat, where do you want to go?

    • Somewhere with awesome cakes and ice creams. you're all about the dessert
    • A glitzy white table cloth affair somewhere grand
    • Somewhere authentic like a tiny Vietnamese restaurant or a Mexican hole in the wall
    • A diner or somewhere? I'm pretty laid back about this kind of stuff
  6. Which of the movies below do you think Channing looked the hottest in?

    • Foxcatcher
    • Supercross
    • Dear John
    • Coach Carter
  7. Pick a drink to slurp on during your date

    • Red wine
    • SHOTS!
    • A beer
    • A vodka and red bull
  8. What subject did you like best at school?

    • None of them, eurgh!
    • Drama
    • English
    • Sports
  9. Which of Channing's on screen love interests do you identify the most with?

    • Paige (The Vow)
    • Andie (Step Up)
    • Brooke (Magic Mike)
    • Viola Johnson (She's the Man)
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