Beep Bop Boop: Which Famous Droid Are You?

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All through the universes of fiction, life forms of metal exist. Which one are you?

  1. You are asked to repair the ship's hyper drive. What do you do?

    • "Oooooooooh Hyyyyyyper Driiive..."
    • "Give me one moment. First, I have to read book on engineering. It should only take me a few seconds."
    • *blows up already defective Hyper Drive* "Oops..."
    • "You've already got me doing three maintenance jobs, and now you add another? I ought to complain but why bother?"
    • "I have already explained this is not my specialty."
    • "I'm sure I am capable of such a task, human."
    • "Engineer? Fix? Me? No, Sir, I most definitely cannot do that."
    • "Fix the Hyper Drive? Do you think 'A, B, Up, Down' will do the trick?"
    • *fixes Hyper Drive flawlessly with no complaint even though everyone doubted you from the beginning*
    • *fixes hyper drive, kills everyone else, flies away*
  2. Your closest human companion is in peril. Do you:

    • *offer a solution before the danger even arrives, but no one listens to you*
    • I would fly in and drop a bomb on both the human and the cause of danger. Why would anyone want a human friend anyways?
    • Provide the necessary moves and instructions on how to survive.
    • Calculate a plan of attack and execute it with little interruption.
    • Nothing. You can't do anything but babble and give statistics of certain doom.
    • You modify your robot body to save the day.
    • *bravely sacrifices self to save friend, comes back in another body*
    • *rolls in guns "A'blazing" and attack the enemy head first*
    • *flies in, zaps and enemies, hacks into the weapons system, saves the day*
    • Remove your friend from the impending danger by putting yourself in harm's way.
  3. You have died, but you are a robot. How do you come back?

    • "What is this death you speak of?"
    • *gets uploaded to the same body with altered memories*
    • "I have already accepted the possibility of my demise, but if that does happen, I am sure you will find another model of me."
    • *reassembles self piece by piece*
    • "Do you mean disassemble? I don't like disassemble."
    • "I am quite sure someone will fix me."
    • "Death would cower in fear if they were to come after me."
    • "If I am destined to die then it is meant to be. I'm sure my comrades have absolutely no such item that could bring me back."
    • "Dying would be a blessing at this point."
    • *powers down to prevent death*
  4. Are you a big bot or a small bot?

    • "I am 5'5."
    • "21 feet I assume."
    • "Oh I'm just a terrible 4 feet tall. As if I couldn't sink any lower..."
    • "20 feet I believe."
    • *compares height to a building in NYC*
    • *jumps up to get higher than two feet*
    • "I have been told I am quite small. I don't see how."
    • *shakes in frustration at being being 3 foot 7 inches*
    • "I do believe I am approximately 6 feet."
    • "Thank you for asking. Humans rarely ever ask me such things. I actually spend a lot of time pondering this kind of thing... I'm sorry. What did you ask?"
  5. Do you have a soul?

    • *squeals in excitement*
    • "Perhaps I do, but if I do, it's not even close to holy."
    • "Yes, Yes, Yes."
    • "I have often considered this. I am unsure."
    • "......Soul..."
    • "I am unsure what you mean, Sir. What exactly do mean?"
    • "I think so. I'm just here for the video games."
    • "A soul would suggest that I am a living thing. I despise organics."
    • "I have a predesigned character profile. Is that what you mean by a soul?"
    • "A sooooooooul?"
  6. Pick a Science Fiction novel:

    • How to Survive a Robot Uprising
    • The Soul of A Robot
    • Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    • Keeping It Real
    • Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
    • I, Robot
    • The Automatic Detective
    • Robopocalypse
    • I, Robot: To Protect
    • Code of the Lifemaker
  7. Pick a droid:

    • Johnny 5
    • BMO
    • Wall-E
    • C-3PO
    • Marvin the Android
    • Data (Star Trek)
    • Iron Giant
    • Megatron
    • Optimus Prime
    • R2-D2
  8. Do the three laws of robotics apply to you?

    • *destroys list of laws with a missile launcher*
    • *electrically shocks you*
    • *acts confused as this was not in your primary programming*
    • "I didn't know we had any rules."
    • "Although I am sworn to protect humans, you are not my creators. Therefore I ignore your laws."
    • *grunts in confusion*
    • "Yes, I've read the laws many, many, many times."
    • "Of course you humans have laws for robots. There I was, getting comfortable, and you made it worse."
    • "I am aware of over 6 million dialects, but I know no such laws."
    • "I am an android... but I do follow most of these rules."
  9. Which genius are you most fond of?

    • Tycho Brahe
    • Pythagorus
    • Robert Oppenheimer
    • Buckminster Fuller
    • Richard Feynman
    • Paul Erdős
    • Werner Heisenberg
    • Oliver Heaviside
    • Nikola Tesla
    • Albert Einstein
  10. What is the answer to life?

    • "Live, Love, Laugh."
    • "It is the struggle itself that is most important. We must strive to be more than we are. It doesn't matter that we will never reach our ultimate goal. The effort yields its own rewards."
    • "Seriously? Isn't it obvious?"
    • "Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing. This is the way of life."
    • "Video Games?"
    • "I am sure somewhere out there, a computer exists to calculate an answer to such a question. I am not that computer."
    • "To live."
    • "Destroy, Conquer, Destroy, Conquer, Destroy. Did I miss anything?"
    • "Life is like falling down a flight of stairs. You run into people along the way, and you end up dead in the end."
    • *gives the perfect answer but no one understands your beeping*
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