Would Deadpool kill you or bed you?

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You all (hopefully) know and love Deadpool - me -the anti-hero hitting your screens last week, but, here's the most important question. Would Ryan Reynold's masked testicle with teeth shoot you, or, perhaps, do something else? Take the quiz to find out if you dare. Not for youngsters.

  1. Do you enjoy dark humour or are you one of those sad little people who do not function properly?

    • ...What?
    • Dumb question.
    • Yes.
    • That's offending, and dark humour is horrible.
  2. Is killing people moral?

    • No. It's wrong!
    • God, who cares? As long as you have fun, it won't matter!
    • I've never had to think about it, I'm too pure for that kind of thinking.
    • Not really, but some people deserve to die.
  3. Are guns or swords sexier?

    • Neither. Weapons are dangerous.
    • No opinion.
    • Both.
    • Hard to decide.
  4. I wear red so bad guys can't...

    • ...see you bleed. We know.
    • I don't know.
    • ...miss your awesome suit.
    • The term bad-guys depends on the point of view of an individual.
  5. Favourite colour?

    • RED.
    • Rainbow!
    • Blue.
    • I have multiple.
  6. What is the best Marvel movie(obviously mine's not on here, because that doesn't need to be decided.)?

    • The Avengers Assemble.
    • Spider-man.
    • I don't know.
    • Wolverine Origins.
  7. Gwen and Peter should be together forever.

    • What?
    • Yes.
    • Their choice... but no.
    • ... I don't know.
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