Which Steven Universe Character Are You?

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Which one of the beloved Crystal Gems are you?

  1. How do you feel about fusing?

    • *Bashful* "Fusing? Me? Well, if you insist."
    • *Sad* "I wish. I can't though."
    • *Shocked* "Fuse? I would never."
    • *Excited* "Ahhhh Yeah!"
    • *Embarrassed* "Yes, I've fused, it was fun, but also confusing."
    • *Blushing* "Um yeah. I've fused before."
    • *Silently yawns*
    • *Unfazed* "It's a part of my everyday life."
  2. Are you a slender gem? Broad? Short?

    • "I am quite tall by your human standards."
    • "I believe I'll get taller eventually."
    • "I used to be taller, no thanks to you."
    • "Why does height matter?"
    • "I am a gem of moderately adequate height."
    • "Short?"
    • *teleports away*
    • "5'11?"
  3. What's your weapon of choice?

    • "I'd prefer not to fight."
    • "Me? Fight? Please. I'd destroy you all with my intellect."
    • "I have my sword thank you."
    • "Fists."
    • "I like my guitar thanks."
    • "I prefer an elegant weapon."
    • *Bites off your face before disappearing into the night*
    • "Something quick."
  4. What quality is most attractive in another person?

    • "I don't have attractions." *stifles inner feelings*
    • *Purrs*
    • "A sense of humor."
    • "Someone I can admire."
    • "I like someone I can defend."
    • "If they like my merchandise, it's an immediate attraction. Wink."
    • "Compatibility."
    • "I like giantness, so... height."
  5. What kind of karaoke song would you sing?

    • *Leaves for annual nap*
    • "Good old 'Rock'N'Roll' for me thanks."
    • "'You and I'. Go ukulele!"
    • "What is this karaoke you speak of?"
    • "'I Will Always Love You' is perfectly appropriate."
    • "Something like 'We Are Family'."
    • "Um... 'I Know What Boys Like'?"
    • "'Super Bass' obviously."
  6. Pick a Social Media outlet:

    • Facebook
    • Tumblr
    • Pinterest
    • YouTube
    • MySpace
    • Twitter
    • Vine
    • *Destroys computer*
  7. Who's your favorite Gem?

    • Peridot
    • Pearl
    • Garnet
    • Amethyst
    • Rose Quartz
    • A Diamond
    • Jasper
    • Steven
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