Vikings: Which Character Are You?

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'Vikings' on the History Channel shows us a peek of a world unknown, will you be a follower or a leader?

  1. You are born into Viking royalty, but your brother gets all the attention. What do you do?

    • Take your loyalty to a rival clan
    • Remain loyal to the family
    • Leave, find success elsewhere
    • Fight with honor
    • Trust in the Gods
  2. Your life long friend confides in a newcomer, how do you take this?

    • You pay no mind
    • You are jealous, and plot your revenge
    • You gain interest in this newcomer
    • You trust this person
    • He is like an uncle to you
  3. The King of the Vikings is not trustworthy, what do you do?

    • Be weary, an enemy of your enemy is a friend for the time being
    • You pay no mind
    • Pretend to be an ally, but remain loyal to your friends
    • Make it right, for the sake of the people
    • You find trust elsewhere
  4. A King from a land far away wishes to make a deal, you...

    • Remain loyal to your family
    • Question his God
    • Fight, because that is what you do
    • Sleep with him
    • Mkae a deal, but do not trust him
  5. Your Viking father sleeps with a Princess who is not your mother, you...

    • Tell your mother
    • Clap because she is fine
    • Do not tell
    • Get jealous
    • Leave, because you are independent
  6. Odin comes to visit, you

    • Welcome him
    • Do not trust him
    • Fight him
    • Dad?
    • Take it as a sign
  7. The French want to make a deal, you

    • Take all of there valuables
    • Make the deal
    • Are weary of your demise
    • Remain loyal to our heritage
    • Go home
  8. Your brother is a backstabbing douche, you...

    • Leave him behind, which pisses off your dad
    • Are him
    • Do not trust him
    • Never liked him anyways
    • Fight (again)
  9. Your getting older now, you...

    • Prove your family wrong
    • Are victorious
    • Worry your sons will be more famous then you
    • Create a legacy through backstabbing for your personal gain
    • Worry about the mistakes you've made
  10. To survive, you...

    • Love the ones you let go
    • Care for your people
    • Do what it takes
    • Trust in the Gods
    • Worry about yourself
  11. Which Viking character do you think you fit the most?

    • Rollo
    • Floki
    • Bjorn
    • Ragnar
    • Lagertha
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