Which Potato Princess Are You?

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Are you starchy? Do you have eyes? Are you a-peeling?

Find out which Disney Potato Princess you are!

  1. Which type of garden would you prefer?

    • Something stately and grand with fountains.
    • A garden with exotic flowers from all over the world.
    • Gardens aren't for me, I like nature in its own wild state.
    • Something by the sea with plenty of shell ornaments.
    • A lovely big vegetable garden.
    • A rose garden.
  2. What pet would you like to own?

    • Animals should be free.
    • A bird.
    • Goldfish.
    • A dog.
    • Mice.
    • A tiger.
  3. What is your favourite colour?

    • Blue.
    • Red.
    • All the colours of the wind.
    • Yellow.
    • Pink.
    • Teal.
  4. What is your favourite vegetable?

    • Potato.
    • Potato.
    • Potato.
    • Potato.
    • Potato.
    • Potato.
  5. What is your ideal date?

    • We'd stay in and discuss modern literature.
    • Let's go to the beach!
    • I'd like to be taken dancing.
    • Dinner at a fancy restaurant.
    • I'd like my man to take me out in some swanky ride!
    • A nice walk through the forest.
  6. What type of fertiliser do you use?

    • Seaweed.
    • Compost.
    • Manure.
    • Worm castings.
    • Chemical fertiliser.
    • Blood and bone.
  7. How do you like your potatoes?

    • Roasted.
    • Chips.
    • Fried.
    • Boiled.
    • Raw.
    • Mashed.
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