Which Teen Hero/Heroine Are You?

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Are you fit for surviving in The Hunger Games, are you doomed in the Scorch, or are you simply Divergent?

  1. If Reaped Into The Hunger Games, What Would Your Reaction Be?

    • Numb fear
    • Bawling like a baby
    • Boastful excitement
    • Anxious but prepared
    • Absolute terror
    • Subtle determination
  2. Strategy For Fighting Off Cranks In The Scorch?

    • Start hacking away with a machete
    • Try scorching them with a blowtorch
    • Run like heck
    • Anyone got a chainsaw?
    • Avoid dark caves and try not to draw attention
    • I would die so it doesn't matter
  3. Which Powerful Quality Would You Like To Have?

    • Will-power and determination
    • Cast magical spells to defend yourself
    • The face of change and hope
    • Shield yourself and others from harm
    • Control the elements
    • The ability to block out fear
  4. How Do You Feel About Love Triangles?

    • I don't care
    • Kill it with fire
    • Why?
    • *shrugs*
    • Love them!
    • Cannot get enough of them
  5. If You Were Humanity's Last Hope, You Would...?

    • Stand up to the challenge...alone
    • Refuse to fuel a revolution
    • Be hesitant to accept the responsibility
    • Fight only if your family were promised safety
    • Lead an army into battle against the enemy
    • Train until you're worthy of the title
  6. Looking Into The Eyes Of Your Enemy, How Do You Feel?

    • Grief and remorse
    • Enough hatred to drown your fear
    • Don't feel. Pull the trigger.
    • Small and helpless
    • Anger but victorious
    • Frustration and confusion
  7. Would You Rather Be...?

    • A Mockingjay
    • A Vampire
    • Divergent
    • A Runner
    • A Demigod
    • A Wizard
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