Your Original BFF!

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Curious who's your Original BFF? Let's find out!

  1. Do you trust easily or on the contrary?

    • I trust only myself and a couple luky ones
    • it depends on situation and people
    • I'm a complicated person, lots of people don't wanna waste time to earn my thrust
    • I'm an open, yet cautious person
  2. Chose a drink:

    • whiskey, bourbon
    • wine, red especially
    • Martini, Cosmopolitan
    • tequila, crazy drinks
  3. Do you wanna be a vampire?

    • Ofcourse, I mean immortality, super strenght it's awesome!
    • I wolud but it's not my biggest dream
    • Only to be forever with someone I love
    • Yesss! I could drink to death without actually dieing!!
    • I didn't think about it
    • I wanna live forever and see the whole world!
    • I'd rather stay human
    • No! I want to have children, husband and grow old
  4. Chose type of relationship:

    • sex friends
    • one night stand
    • stable realionship
    • long term thing
  5. Chose type of friendship:

    • wild duo
    • secrets keepers
    • Partners in crime
    • drinking buddies
  6. Thing without you can't live:

    • sunglasses
    • leather jacket
    • make up
    • cigarettes
    • bracelet
    • lipstick
    • signet ring
    • necklace
  7. Chose your addiction:

    • I'm not addicted to anything
    • drinking
    • smoking
    • I'm a shopaholic
  8. Chose a quote:

    • "Today was hard my friend, but it's nothing compered to tommorow"
    • "Loyality is power"
    • "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride"
    • "Carpe diem"
  9. You in three words:

    • beautiful, honest, open-minded
    • stylish, smartmouth, crazy
    • confident, witty, smart ass
    • party animal, wild, gorgeous
    • cute, selfness, patient
    • compassionate, calm, faithful
    • sassy, but classy , brave
    • vengeful, rebelious, loner
  10. Chose color combination:

    • nude tones, blue
    • black, white
    • red, black
    • grey, green
    • silver, grey
    • pink, white
    • creamy, purple
    • all colors
  11. Why wolud you kill someone?

    • to protect my friends
    • to prove my loyality to someone
    • for distraction, and then run
    • to protect my loved ones
    • for fun
    • to eliminate a treat to my loved ones
    • to survive
    • to defeat my enemy
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