Which TV Town Should You Live In?

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This quiz will tell you in which town you most fit.

  1. Are you afraid of blood?

    • Yes! It's absolutely gross!
    • I don't mind it
    • No. I mean it's just red liquid
  2. Which mystical creatures do you like the most?

    • Vampires
    • Witches
    • Hybrids
    • Werewolves
  3. Do you like street music?

    • Yeah!! It's amazing how ordinary people can have so much of talent
    • No. I like silence and sounds of the city and nature
    • I don't mind until it's too loud
  4. How much of scaredy cat are you?

    • Not at all. Of course there are exceptions but I think that I would be suprised, not scared
    • I can handle scary situations, but I freak out when it's all too much for me
    • I'm scared of almost everything
  5. Which of these creatures do you wanna be the most?

    • Kitsune
    • Hybrid
    • Witch
    • Vampire
    • Werewolf
    • Vampire Hunter
  6. Are you a good liar?

    • So-so
    • Not exactly
    • Pff! Of course
  7. If you needed to, could you be a ruthless person?

    • It depends on how bad the situation is
    • I could try, but I don't think that I would manage
    • If I needed to, I think I could
  8. Would you date your friend's enemy?

    • If it was true love, it wouldn't matter who he/she is
    • Why not? I would get valuable information
    • One big, firm no!! That would be too dangerous for me and my friends
  9. Do you like partying?

    • Duh?! Are you kidding?! Parties are great!!
    • Only sensibly, it's not exactly my thing
    • Sometimes, but when the moment comes I can usually party pretty hard
  10. Your dream neighbor?

    • Someone I can talk with, a helpful person
    • Someone who minds his/her own business
    • Someone who doesn't cause trouble, and quietly lives his/her life
  11. Are you a loner or the life and soul of the party?

    • Loner, definitely
    • A little bit of both
    • I'm surely the life and the soul!
  12. Someone is coming after you and your friend. You end up running through the woods. What would you do then?

    • I would find the hideout and leave my friend behind
    • Take my friend by the hand and help him/her running faster
    • Start running faster, turning whenever it's possible with my friend by my side
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