Which Teen Wolf character would be your sibling?

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Let's find out which character would be your family member!

  1. Would you want an older or younger sibling?

    • Older, but only for a year
    • Two years older
    • Younger, but only for a year
    • I wolud want a twin
    • Two years younger
    • Twin, but not identical
  2. Your favorite color:

    • It depends on which is trendy
    • May I chose all colors?
    • Happy colors
    • Black and red
    • I don't have favorite color
    • Khaki and nudes
  3. Nice or naughty ?

    • I do what I want who cares what the others thinks about it
    • A little bit of both
    • It depends what naughty means fot you...
    • I can't decide
    • Nice, ofcourse
    • Naughty, if I have to use this word
  4. Are you a bossy person?

    • I could be if it is a need, but it's not my thing
    • I have to. Someone has to be
    • I'm trying, but people don't want to listen to me
    • Yeah... like really
    • Sometimes, but after that I apologize, cause I don't like when someone is acting like me seconds before
    • A little bit
  5. Are you making decisons easily?

    • I make them really fast, but I wouldn't say that it is easy for me
    • Yes, it isn't a problem for me
    • I want to make a good deciosion, but I never can. I just can't decide
    • Rather yes
    • It's hard for me
    • I am the reasponsible one, it's my obligation
  6. How do you spend your free time?

    • I'm partying, like a lot
    • I'm helping in houseworks
    • I'm listening to music, dance and watch Tv shows. Ofcourse in my room
    • I'm shopping
    • I hang out with my friends
    • I'm doing researches about things that seem suspicious to me
  7. Chose food:

    • Anything sweet
    • Pizza
    • Something light, like salad
    • Mexican
    • Sushi
    • Anything with big dose of meat
  8. Chose trait of character:

    • Class
    • Sarcasm ( it counts, right? )
    • Intelingence
    • Independence
    • Kindess
    • Confidence
  9. Chose a place:

    • Anywhere outdoors
    • Club
    • My home
    • Mall
    • Forest
    • My room
  10. Chose kind of music:

    • Rap
    • I don't limit myself. I listen any song I like
    • Heavy metal
    • I'm not into music
    • Rock
    • Pop
  11. Chose a drink:

    • Coffee
    • Energy drink
    • Cola
    • Water
    • Tea
    • Something with alcohol
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