Inspired by Eddie the Eagle: What Winter Olympic Sport Fits You?

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Based upon the new true story "Eddie the Eagle" what Olympic sport matches you personally?

  1. What was an activity you enjoyed as a child?

    • Sitting at home, watching TV
    • Skateboarding
    • I mean, I was mostly chilling, but I wanted to do stuff
    • Riding my bike or a scooter
  2. What's your personal favorite thrill-seeking activity?

    • A good movie or TV show
    • Anything that goes fast or tall, I'm game!
    • Anything that gives me a chance to show off a little bit
    • Rollercoasters (a sitting thrill indeed)
  3. What is your favorite genre movie?

    • Action/Adventure
    • Inspirational
    • Sports
    • Drama
  4. What's your favorite Theme-Park attraction?

    • Roller Coaster
    • Any free fall coaster
    • Um......Theme Parks?
    • Log Flume/Water Slide
  5. What is your favorite moment in Olympic history

    • The Jamaican Bobsled team
    • Sean White gets the gold medal
    • The Bejiing Olympics opening ceremony
    • Michael Edwards sets British Olympic record
  6. What's your favorite drink?

    • Rum
    • Tea
    • Milk
    • Whiskey
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