How Well Did You Pay Attention To The Walking Dead Episode 11 'Knots Untie'

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Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead was action and drama packed with Rick and the crew following Jesus back to his home community of Hilltop Colony – but a few days later, how much of it do you really remember? Take the quiz below to determine if you're a Walking Dead walking brainiac, or if you should re-watch episode 11 'Knots Untie' one more time before episode 12 screens on AMC on Sunday March, 6th.

  1. Who is taking over Sasha's patrol?

    • Denise
    • Tara
    • Eugene
    • Morgan
  2. What is the necklace Rosita made for Abraham made from?

    • A broken bottle
    • She didn't make it, she found it while out on a run
    • A piece of broken glass from the recent walker invasion
    • A piece of the brake light from the fuel truck
  3. What does Denise give Daryl before the group sets off to Hilltop?

    • Trail mix
    • A can of "pop"
    • Spare ammo
    • An oatcake
  4. What does Abraham say before the group leaves?

    • "It's time to put the pedal to the metal"
    • "Let's chew up some asphalt"
    • "Let's hit the road"
    • "It's road trip time"
  5. What type of doctor is Harlan?

    • An obstetrician
    • An orthopedist
    • A pediatrician
    • A cardiologist
  6. What type of weapons are the guards at Hilltop armed with?

    • Bow and arrows
    • Knives
    • Guns
    • Spears
  7. What is the name of the big house at the center of Hilltop?

    • Greystone Manor
    • Lockwood Manor
    • Barrington House
    • River House
  8. What is the name of the Hilltop resident that Negan is holding hostage?

    • It wasn't stated
    • Craig
    • Greg
    • Andrew
  9. What three things does Daryl want from Hilltop in exchange for killing Negan and the Saviors?

    • Medicine, ammo and a goat
    • Food, medicine and ammo
    • Food, seeds and 5 chickens
    • Food, medicine and a cow
  10. What gets passed around the RV on the way back to Alexandria?

    • A magic 8-ball
    • A can of beer that Daryl snuck from Olivia's supplies
    • Fresh carrots grown at Hilltop
    • An ultrasound picture of Glenn and Maggie's baby
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