Apocalypse Wants You... to Lead His Horsemen

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X-Men: Apocalypse will be unleashed upon us on May 27, 2016 and we will see for the first time a live action interpretation of "The First One" and his four Horsemen. Now imagine that Apocalypse summons you as one of his Horsemen and has chosen you to be Death! Death has been deemed the leader of the group and the character has been portrayed by different X-Men characters. The question would be: which iteration of Death are you?

  1. You have acquired the power to overcome your biggest obstacle? What would that be?

    • Anyone challenging me is an obstacle. With my newly acquired power I will obliterate anyone who crosses me.
    • I am my biggest obstacle. I would use my power to become a better version of me.
    • I would convince everyone that my way, even if it seems wrong, would only serve the greater good.
    • Dominate my biggest fear and use it over others so they see what it feels like.
  2. You have the opportunity to enhance one of your skills. Which one would you choose?

    • Leadership
    • Self-Control
    • Initiative
    • Decision Making
  3. You have the chance to conquer one country. Which one would be the lucky one?

    • United States of America
    • United Kingdom
    • France
    • Japan
  4. You are offered something to drink, what do you ask for?

    • Water
    • Wine
    • Tea
    • Beer
  5. The enemy has just surrendered but you are Death, surrender means nothing to you. How would you deal with the survivors?

    • Make them fight to the death. Only the strongest deserve to be spared!
    • Eliminate them entirely. No survivors.
    • You will leave. They are living proof of your power. You showed mercy by destroying their will to fight and others will notice.
    • You will make them join you in your crusade of destruction.
  6. Choose a base of operations.

    • Genosha
    • Savage Land
    • Utopia
    • Asteroid M
  7. Your mutant power has just manifested for the first time! What is it?

    • Telekinetic Powers
    • Energy Absorption / Energy Transfer
    • You can freakin' fly!
    • Regenerative Abilities
  8. A huge army has been assembled in hopes of stopping you and obviously they have to be punished for acting so foolishly. Which Horseman would you send to teach them a lesson?

    • War. The atrocities and cruelty of battle will make them think twice before trying to challenge you again.
    • Pestilence / Conquest. How can they fight that which cannot bleed? Sickness, plague and disease will defeat them without raising a single hand.
    • Death. You don't need anyone to fight your battles. You are the herald of Apocalypse. You lead the Horsemen into battle so your face is the first thing the enemy sees and the last.
    • Famine. Cruel and unforgiving. It gives and it takes. Let them feel they have something to fight for and when they least expect it, crush their spirits by taking away any sense of hope.
  9. What video game would you prefer playing?

    • X-Men: Children of the Atom
    • Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
    • Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
    • Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
  10. Choose your spirit animal.

    • Coyote
    • Hawk
    • Tiger
    • Owl
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