Which Screen Version Of Spider-Man Are You?

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With Tom Holland's Spidey swinging to the silver screen in Captain America: Civil War (2016), he will soon join a pantheon of other Webslingers, both revered and reviled. We all have our favourites - Maguire, Garfield, 90's Cartoon or Spectacular...but which version are you? Take the quiz to find out!

  1. Pizza?

    • I'd love it if I had some, and could afford it.
    • Wallopin' Websnappers! YES! Where is it?
    • A great thing to eat with family and friends.
    • Mmm, I could eat it.
    • I'm a bit indifferent to the love of it.
  2. Every superhero needs a theme tune. What about yours?

    • A brassy tune.
    • A really catchy ear worm of a song.
    • Something orchestral, which sounds epic.
    • A little jazzy number.
    • Guitars. Lots of electric guitars.
  3. You've just got your Spider-powers, and your body has changed a lot. But how much?

    • Yup, big change!
    • Size matters not. Heh.
    • I'm strong, but faster more than anything!
    • I'm lanky and may look average, but looks aren't everything.
    • I'm pleasantly strong.
  4. Your Spider-Sense has activated, but how would you like it to warn you?

    • A shimmering around my head, with a buzzing noise.
    • Yellow lightning bolts around my head.
    • In a surreal way that can't be ignored.
    • A loud noise in my ears. When it works.
    • By showing me the danger wherever I am.
  5. You're designing your Spider-Man costume/ uniform. Red, blue and webs...but what sort of look are you going for?

    • Colourful but I want to look a little edgier.
    • Colourful, but I might try black for a bit.
    • Red & blue, but I like to mix it up occasionally.
    • I want web-pits.
    • Big, bold and beautiful.
  6. How do you like to dress normally?

    • Smart-casually, shirts and jeans.
    • Something loose fitting and comfy.
    • I dress to suit the occasion.
    • Casually. T-shirts and jeans mainly.
    • In something fairly trendy and hip.
  7. When out of your costume, how do you generally get around?

    • Buses, walking and web-slinging.
    • I own a car. No, not the Spider-Mobile.
    • I've got a motorbike/scooter!
    • Subways and walking.
    • Taxi's, lifts off friends, walking, web-slinging, the lot.
  8. You're catching criminals. What kind of wisecracks do you dole out? And how many?

    • I suppose I could manage a few childish zingers!
    • They complain that I don't shut up. Must be doing something right!
    • I'm a laugh-a-minute kind of guy.
    • A fair spread of cheesy puns and one liners.
    • An occasional few, but I'm mostly quiet because I'm concentrating.
  9. It's the final battle with a super villain. How will you take them down?

    • I'm smarter than them. I tend to out-think and out-maneuver them.
    • I dodge and use my surroundings. They'll make a fatal mistake sooner or later.
    • Science, magic, help from my friends, anyway I can.
    • I wear them down, then finish them with some science!
    • Lots of grappling, but they tend to come back somehow.
  10. Where are you living right now?

    • I've got a place of my own.
    • I'm flat-sharing with friends.
    • I'm at home, but I'm thinking of moving out soon.
    • I've lived with friends and with my family. It's a changeable situation.
    • Happily living at home.
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