Which Rick Are You?

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You might just be the Rickest Rick of them all!

  1. What would you do on a free Saturday night?

    • Throw a party for all the popular kids at school.
    • Jam out on some tunes with my compadres .
    • Come up with some underdeveloped, slightly deranged plans.
    • Find a way to sabotage all of my friends' plans.
    • Do something completely out of the ordinary.
    • You know, I'm not really sure about this whole free Saturday night thing.
    • Get super nerdy and read a comic book.
    • Same thing I do every night Morty... GET RICKETY RICKETY WRECKED SON!!!
    • Hang out, and eat some poop.
  2. What is your biggest fear?

    • I will get trapped inside my own body.
    • Ha! I'm not afraid of anything.
    • People will stop reading altogether.
    • The option above is stupid, there are plenty of things to be afraid of... I just don't give s***.
    • All the other Ricks will make fun of me.
    • People won't understand my humor.
    • The record company will try to exploit my talent.
    • Everything will suddenly turn back to normal.
    • Actually, maybe a little bit of everything.
  3. What is your favorite kind of food to make?

    • Anything in a microwave.
    • Oh man, I uh... there are kind of too many options you know.
    • I have no time for the basic pleasure of making food.
    • Ovenless brownies!
    • Salted meat balls.
    • FOOD!
    • I'm still trying to find the perfect recipe.
    • Alcohol **BURP**
    • Something fresh.
  4. If you were an animal, what would you be?

    • An animal with super powers.
    • I already am an animal.
    • Come on, seriously? A hypothetical animal question?
    • I don't know, maybe like a dragon I guess.
    • A cool little spider monkey.
    • Oh this seems fun... a flower!
    • A predator of some kind.
    • Koala, rattlesnake, chimpanzee, cactus, shark, golden retriever, and just a smidge of dinosaur.
    • A dog... they can lick themselves.
  5. What is your favorite type of movie?

    • Wow, okay... I'm just going to select the last answer for rest of these.
    • Horror movies.
    • Movies about musicians.
    • The Twilight Saga!
    • Movies are terrible.
    • Teen rom-coms!
    • Superhero movies.
    • Uh, maybe like a fun movie or something.
    • Weird independent films.
  6. If you could go to any time period, when would it be?

    • The Golden Age.
    • The 1980s.
    • Oh wow, uh... It would be cool to be like a cowboy or something.
    • A post apocalyptic world.
    • Cool, maybe like the era of cartoons!
    • Now is the only time period that matters.
    • Just go back to the original.
    • Yeah, I don't mess with time.
    • High school! I want to be young forever!
  7. Where do you travel to the most with your portal gun?

    • I go everywhere, daddio.
    • Anywhere I can dance!
    • Oh boy! Someplace super fun, like that one awesome version of Jerry's house!
    • I usually just like to hang at home. But, oh you know, like Japan or something I guess...
    • BLIPS AND CHITZ!!!!!
    • Somewhere I can fit in for being weird.
    • Anywhere that I can eliminate another Rick.
    • I don't go anywhere without doing a little something first.
    • Somewhere with a lot of action, my day to day is kind of stationary.
  8. What is your idea of a good time?

    • Hanging with a bunch of Cronenbergs.
    • Oh ri~i~i~ight, now I'm supposed to say something like "browsing the Internet and taking a dumb little quiz." I am the idea of a go~o~o~d time mutha f****!!!
    • Oh haha, playing on a swing!!! Weeeee, I'm imagining I'm doing it right now!
    • Reading an awesome comic book.
    • Trying out some adventurous new ways to do science.
    • Gee... uh, maybe getting to hang out with a real down to earth kind of girl... and, you know, have a good time.
    • A song and dance routine fool!
    • Putting on an underground concert for my adoring fans.
    • Good times are for the simple minded.
  9. What is the formula to concentrated dark matter?

    • 2 parts plutonic quartz, 1 part cesium, and just a little bit of tap water...
    • I haven't gotten that far yet.
    • It's real simple... all you have to do is bend down and...
    • The real question is, 'what's the formula for the soul?'
    • That stuff's for old people!
    • Why? Who wants to know?
    • Oh, how juvenile.
    • None of the other Ricks will tell me...
    • Whoa, um... was I supposed to study for this?
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