Which Female MARVEL Character Are You?

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Find out how your personality fits in with one of the heroines of Marvel!

  1. What is your favorite subject?

    • Psychology
    • Math
    • Gym
    • Science
  2. You are losing a battle with a major bad guy. The bad guy is about to kill you. What do you do?

    • You gather your strength and use your body to maneuver your way out of that sticky situation.
    • You gather your wits and find a way to distract him so you can overpower him.
    • You get inside his head and reveal his deepest fear.
    • You use your superpowers to blast the bad guy away from you.
  3. What is your favorite food?

    • Pizza
    • Steak
    • Sandwiches
    • Pasta
  4. The bad guy is trying to get you to turn to the dark side. What do you decide to do?

    • You refuse to fight for them no matter how much they torture you.
    • You pretend to work for them in order to gather intel.
    • You resist them and answer with a powerful kick to the face!
    • You give in because you are curious about what they want from you.
  5. What is your deepest secret?

    • You want to be treated like an equal.
    • You are misunderstood and want more from life.
    • You want to be loved.
    • You are strong willed, but you need someone to motivate you every once in a while.
  6. One of your guy partners try to kiss you. How do you react?

    • You kiss them and fall in love.
    • You slap them!
    • You kiss them only to take advantage of them later.
    • Do the Matrix on them and totally deflect any of his advances.
  7. What is the most embarrassing thing you have done?

    • Tripped over something in front of your crush.
    • Been discovered crying.
    • Lost your cool over something trivial.
    • Found yourself naked in public.
  8. What is the best way to get out of work?

    • Play hookie!
    • Fake an injury.
    • Pull the fire alarm.
    • Pretend you are sick.
  9. Why would you risk your life to save the world?

    • It is the right thing to do.
    • You are too smart to put yourself into that situation.
    • Millions will die if I don't.
    • The ones I love need me and I can't abandon them.
  10. How close will you get to a guy?

    • I will stay guarded until I get to know them.
    • I just want to have fun. I'm not ready for commitment.
    • Pretty close if I trust them.
    • Not very close. I'm afraid I will hurt them.
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