Holy High-School! Which School From The Movies Should You Attend?

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High-School Musical 4 is happening! NOSTALGIA OVERLOAD. Would you have gone to East High? Or is Hogwarts more your speed? What about Midtown High? Take the quiz and find out what iconic school you belong in!!

  1. It's Friday night... What type of party would you be most likely to go to?

    • I am the party!!!
    • One put on by the school. It's safer that way.
    • Doesn't matter, I'll just stand in the corner anyways.
    • I would go...but I have to study.
    • A big but subdued one.
    • A LOUD ONE!
    • A wild one! Nothing is off limits!
    • A college party I can sneak into
    • A small, intimate one.
    • Parties are nonsensical.
  2. Which would you vote for as your High-School's mascot?

    • A Wolf
    • Myself
    • I don't care.
    • A Giant Wand
    • A Spider
    • Psychedelic Mushrooms
    • A Wildcat
    • A Spartan
    • A Jedi Master
    • A Mutant
  3. How would you best describe yourself?

    • Socially powerful. I will destroy you on social media.
    • Heroic. Saving others is my priority.
    • Loyal. Relationships are everything to me.
    • Outgoing & Energetic
    • Unpredictable. It's more fun that way!
    • Hilarious. I'm the funniest person I know!
    • Pretty complicated. Some might even call me a basket case.
    • Just. I'll do whatever it takes to bring down evil.
    • Moody... And pale. Definitely pale.
    • Peaceful & Centered
  4. Which degree would you be most likely to pursue in college?

    • Sports Science. Best of both worlds!
    • Wildlife Biology
    • Cosmetology
    • Chemistry
    • Teaching
    • Whatever degree helps to enhance my natural abilities.
    • Transfiguration
    • Psychology
    • I'm not going to college, bruh.
    • Folklore & Mythology
  5. In your high-school yearbook, you would be listed as...

    • Most likely to go to jail
    • Most likely to become a cop
    • Most likely to outlive everyone else
    • Most likely to become a hero
    • Most likely to get hit by a bus
    • Most likely to die right after prom
    • Most likely to join a chorus line
    • Most likely to marry their high-school sweetheart
    • Most likely to join a cult
    • Most likely to become a soccer mom
  6. What would you most likely bring to a party?

    • Breakfast food
    • Whatever I can find in the fridge
    • A serum I invented but haven't tested yet...
    • A Bantha platter
    • Myself. That's about all people can handle.
    • Butterbeer
    • Drugs I confiscated earlier on in the week
    • A sacrificial deer
    • My parent's leftover booze
    • Juice boxes & pretzels
  7. What's your preferred mode of transportation?

    • A rope swing
    • My two dancing feet
    • I don't care as long as it get's me where I need to go
    • A 60's Buick LeSabre
    • A Pod-Racer
    • My family's personal limo
    • A broom
    • A vintage truck
    • Anything that's not made of metal
    • A 70's Camaro Z28
  8. What sport would you most like to play?

    • Football
    • Track
    • Basketball
    • Quidditch
    • Lacrosse
    • Gymnastics
    • Why waste time on sports?
    • Powerlifting
    • Surfing
    • Golf
  9. What matters most to you in life?

    • My boyfriend/girlfriend
    • Having a job that I love
    • Having fun
    • Peace in the Universe
    • Being myself
    • The happiness of others
    • Justice
    • My friends
    • My looks
    • My legacy
  10. If your principal was a celebrity, who would they be?

    • Tina Fey
    • Hugh Jackman
    • Ice Cube
    • Yoda
    • Sacha Baron Cohen
    • Zac Efron
    • Sally Field
    • Leonardo DiCaprio
    • Viola Davis
    • Maggie Smith
  11. Finally, it's Prom night... What would you most likely be doing?

    • I forgot to get a date so... studying.
    • Renting a limo and caging some doves for a baller entrance
    • Prom is stupid
    • Chilling with my significant other
    • Preparing my Prom Queen/King acceptance speech
    • Participating in a big musical number
    • Are you kidding? I'm in charge of the night's proceedings.
    • What's Prom?
    • Dancing in the background with my friends
    • Getting laid
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