Which Of Leonardo DiCaprio's Ex-Girlfriends Are You?

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It's no secret that Leonardo DiCaprio is the most famous bachelor in Hollywood right now. After all, the man simply can't help himself when it comes to women, often being followed around by an entourage of Victoria's Secret models wherever he goes. Yet, let's not forget that over the past couple of decades he has also had a number of long-term relationships, all which sadly didn't work out. Find out which ex-girlfriend you would be if you had been one of the lucky ladies to date him:

  1. When do you think Leo was at his hottest stage in life?

    • In the 2000s, just after he became an ultimate sex god post-Titanic.
    • Recently, when he rocking that sexy dad-bod look.
    • In the early to mid 90s, when he was channeling all those angsty teen vibes.
    • Around 2013, when he was playing the field with all those Victoria's Secret models.
    • Between 2005 - 2010 when he really came into his own as Hollywood star.
  2. What would be your dream job?

    • Being a housewife and bringing an army of tiny Leos into the world.
    • Being an activist working for a better world.
    • Being a chart-topping pop star.
    • Being a talent contest host.
    • Being a hot supermodel, obviously
  3. If you could be from anywhere in the world, where would it be?

    • The best country in the world... USA!
    • Europe.
    • Probably somewhere hot and with a beach.
    • South America, it's such an exotic continent.
    • You've always been fascinated by Russian culture so probably from there.
  4. If someone cheated on you, what would you do?

    • Probably lock yourself away in your room and cry for weeks.
    • Throw a tantrum and make their life absolute hell.
    • Forgive and forget. Everyone makes mistakes, right?
    • Make them grovel but eventually take them back.
    • Shrug your shoulders and move on immediately.
  5. What's your favorite Leo role?

    • 'The Departed' was super deep.
    • He's pretty hot in 'Romeo + Juliet'
    • The old Leo classic, 'Titanic'
    • 'The Revenant' hands down.
    • 'Wolf of Wall Street' for sure.
  6. What do you think about charity work?

    • I am actually a spokesperson for one!
    • I do what I can, when I can. Which is usually never.
    • Meh, I don't have much time for it.
    • I like to donate money once in a while, yes.
    • Philanthropy is a very important part of my life.
  7. What's your favorite food?

    • You don't eat, you juice-diet.
    • You would kill for a chocolate soufflé. Desserts are definitely your thing.
    • Anything plant-based.
    • You love a hearty bowl of pasta.
    • Hamburger and fries, obvs.
  8. If Leo was to propose to you right now, how would you react?

    • Leave your current partner and elope with him immediately.
    • Cry tears of joy and say 'yes'
    • Politely decline and ask to be 'just friends.'
    • Laugh out loud right in his beautiful face.
    • You've been here before... this boat has sailed.
  9. Choose your perfect date.

    • Some casual Netflix and chill back at your place.
    • In a club, getting hot and heavy in a dark corner.
    • A romantic candle-lit dinner for two, discussing environmental issues.
    • A week-long cruise on a luxury yacht in the Bahamas.
    • A basketball game.
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