How Well Did You Pay Attention To 'The Walking Dead' Episode 13, 'The Same Boat'?

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Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead was an all-female spectacular, with Carol and Maggie kicking serious Savior ass — but a few days later, how much of it do you really remember? Take the quiz below to determine if you're a Walking Dead walking brainiac, or if you should rewatch Episode 13, "The Same Boat," one more time before Episode 14 screens on AMC on Sunday, March 20.

  1. What is the motorcycle Savior's name revealed to be?

    • Alpha
    • Diesel
    • Primo
    • George
  2. What walkie-talkie channel does Paula tell the rest of her group to use?

    • Delta
    • Zeta
    • Gamma
    • Beta
  3. Where do the Saviors take Maggie and Carol?

    • Another Savior outpost.
    • A random abandoned building.
    • Their main hideout.
    • Their safe house.
  4. What does Carol find on the ground that she picks up and pretends she brought with her?

    • Earrings
    • Reading glasses
    • Hair clips
    • Rosary beads
  5. What does Molly say about Negan?

    • "He's your worst nightmare."
    • "We are all Negan."
    • "Negan doesn't exist."
    • "Negan is a bad man."
  6. Why was Michelle missing half of her little finger?

    • We weren't told.
    • It was badly crushed so needed to be amputated.
    • It was bitten by a walker so she had to cut it off.
    • It was cut off as punishment for stealing.
  7. Who is/was Frankie?

    • Michelle's father.
    • Michelle's son.
    • Michelle's boyfriend.
    • Michelle's pet dog.
  8. Where do Carol and Maggie trick the backup Saviors into meeting them?

    • The chiller.
    • The bathrooms.
    • The kill floor.
    • The stairwell.
  9. What does Daryl say to Carol when they finally meet up at the end of the episode?

    • "Got your trail."
    • "Nice work."
    • "Looks like you've taken care of business here."
    • He doesn't say anything, just hugs her.
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