How Well Did You Pay Attention To 'The Walking Dead' Episode 15, 'East'?

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Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead started with a chilling opening and ended with a literal bang — but a few days later, how much of it do you really remember? Take the quiz below to determine if you're a Walking Dead walking brainiac, or if you should re-watch Episode 15, "East," one more time before the season finale screens on AMC on Sunday, April 3.

  1. What does Carl see on the handle of the gun?

    • Nothing, he just looks at the gun
    • Carved tally marks
    • A carving of a baseball bat wrapped in wire
    • Negan's name
  2. What does Sasha hand Abraham as she comes off patrol?

    • A cigar
    • A book
    • An apple
    • A sandwich
  3. How many Saviors does Carol come up against on the road?

    • 2
    • 6
    • 5
    • 8
  4. What pseudonym does Carol give the Saviors?

    • Christina
    • Nancy
    • Lucy
    • Ashley
  5. What food does Enid tell Maggie to eat while she puts her feet up?

    • Creamed corn
    • Pickles
    • Cookies
    • Beef jerky
  6. What does the injured Savior grab from the ground before pursuing Rick and Morgan?

    • Carol's abandoned bag
    • A knife
    • A spear
    • Carol's rosary beads
  7. What does the mysterious armored man say he is searching for at the farm?

    • He didn't say he was searching for anything
    • Spare supplies
    • His partner
    • His horse
  8. What does Maggie say to Enid when she asks why she wanted her hair cut?

    • "Long hair is just another thing they can use against you"
    • "I'm gonna be a mom soon, I needed the haircut to match"
    • "The world might be different now, but it's important to remember the simple pleasures of how it was before"
    • "I have to keep going, and I don't want anything getting in my way"
  9. What does Dwight say after he shoots Daryl?

    • "It's a shame you'll never meet Negan, he would have liked you"
    • "There, there"
    • "You should have killed me when you had the chance"
    • "You'll be alright."
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