How Would You Die In 'The Walking Dead'?

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Let's face it, we're not all the Rick Grimes type.

  1. Which of these bad habits do you indulge in?

    • Worrying
    • Whining
    • Laziness
  2. Who are you closest to?

    • My partner
    • My friends
    • My relatives
  3. Pick a weapon:

    • Blade
    • Gun
    • RPG
  4. How are your survival skills?

    • Terrible!
    • I could learn and muddle through.
    • Pretty good, actually.
  5. Would you sacrifice your life to save someone else?

    • Yes, in a heartbeat.
    • Depends who they are.
    • No, never.
  6. Do you think you would make a cute Walker?

    • What kind of question is that?
    • No
    • Yeah
  7. Could you perform emergency field surgery under pressure?

    • If I had someone else helping me.
    • Yes, I have the necessary skills.
    • No, I can't stand the sight of blood.
  8. Which of these places scares you the most?

    • Prison
    • Being lost at sea.
    • Hospital
  9. Which of these people is your favorite character on 'The Walking Dead'?

    • Daryl
    • Carol
    • Rick
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