Keaton, Bale, Affleck Or LEGO: Which Movie Batman Are You?

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The Dark Knight is as popular as he has ever been, with two fresh iterations of the Caped Crusader (in LEGO and Ben Affleck form) recently hitting theaters, and both due to return in the near future. However, debate still rages over which one is best overall. Is it the quiet Michael Keaton, or the steely Christian Bale? And which suits your personality best? Take the quiz to find out!

  1. Choose your favorite word out of the following choices:

    • Endurance
    • Vengeance
    • Eccentric
    • Overwhelming
    • Glorious
  2. You're designing the Batsuit and it's decision time! Should the costume have long ears?

    • Only if they are practical.
    • Sure, make them as long as your massive nose, ha!
    • Sure, they are more bat-like.
    • Any style is my style. I'm the Batman regardless.
    • No, I prefer shorter ones.
  3. Ok, so how about nipples on your suit?

    • Why nipples? I want to be terrifying, not funny!
    • No. Just, no.
    • OH YEAH!
    • Hmmm, I'd consider it.
    • Are you dense? Is that even a question?
  4. How do you feel about neon being in your general decor?

    • Yes! Slap it everywhere to lighten the place up.
    • Yes, it can look good when used right!
    • Nah, I don't hate it, it's just not me, that's all.
    • No, I hate it.
    • I could maybe use a little here and there.
  5. Bruce Wayne has been invited to the opening of a new exhibition of modern art at the Gotham Gallery. Thoughts?

    • Eh, I’ll see how I feel on the day.
    • Yes, as long as I get to deface the collection!
    • No! Modern art is not my style.
    • I might attend. It could prove useful.
    • Sure, I’ll attend. Could be fun.
  6. Crime fighting takes up a lot of time, but so does being Bruce Wayne. Will you indulge both identities equally or not?

    • Wayne is a facade, but both identities can achieve justice.
    • I'm Batman all the time! Well, nearly.
    • Wayne for the day, Batman at night. It has to be balanced.
    • Fairly equally, but Batman has no limits.
    • Who cares about the man beneath the cowl? Give me Bats!
  7. As Batman, what are your thoughts on Superman?

    • He's awesome, but less so than myself.
    • Super-what? Who?
    • He's a good friend, but potentially a deadly foe.
    • Boring! He’s so overpowered and therefore no fun!
    • He seems good enough, but I never got the hype.
  8. How would/do your friends describe you?

    • A decent person who does what they can in a messed up world.
    • An outgoing person. A complete riot.
    • Completely awesome.
    • An overall average guy/gal, with a dash of sarcasm.
    • Kind, lovely, but has a hidden side.
  9. How is it going relationship-wise?

    • There's no room for love in my thrilling life.
    • My crush doesn’t feel the same way, but that’s part of the fun!
    • Relationships have their uses, but I don’t get attached easily.
    • I have a special someone in my life already.
    • I’m single but I’m looking for someone special.
  10. Every superhero needs some downtime. You sit in front of the TV. There are plenty of fantasy and sci-fi movies on though. Will you watch one of them or switch channel?

    • I’ll watch one, maybe two, but I need to find ones that pique my particular interests.
    • Of course! Everyone needs a dip in and out of reality!
    • Maybe for a bit, but in the end I provide my own entertainment.
    • Yes, but I'm on patrol soon.
    • I’m not feeling any of them. Where’s the remote?
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